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    What is Demandforce?

    Demandforce is an appointment scheduler that seamlessly integrates with your practice management system.

    What does Demandforce offer?

    Demandforce offers:

    • Appointment requests 
    • Appointment confirmations
    • Appointment reminders or recalls
    • Thank-you messages
    • Satisfaction surveys and testimonials to add to your website 
    • A referral tracker
    • Newsletter email tools
    • Social media campaigns

    What do I need to provide to EyeCarePro in order to add Demandforce to my website?

    We will need the code for the widget from your Demandforce log in page.

    How do I get the code for the widget?

    Please follow the instructions below:

    1. Go to “Business Login” and log in to the Demandforce interface. (
    2. From the top right, select “Settings”
      Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find “Demandforce Connect” then choose “Website”
    3. To add online scheduling to your website, copy the code for the Easy Scheduler Widget. There are two parts to this code. Copy both the 'Embed in head" and "Embed in body" codes.
    4. To add patient reviews to your website, copy the code for the Easy Review Widget. There are two parts to this code. Copy both the "Embed in head" and "Embed in body" codes.
    5. Please send this code via email to Support: in a saved Word document so no code is compromised during transmission.
    6. Demandforce provides several “standard” icons that can be added to your site to provide access to Reviews or the Appointment Scheduler. However, EyeCarePro does not recommend the use of these as they do not match the design of your EyeCarePro site. Instead we suggest create a “badge” (or a link in the header) on your site that can provide visitors with access to these areas. Support can help with this process.

    I am not able to find this code. Can EyeCarePro grab it for me?

    You can share your Demandforce login details with us (or create a guest user account for us in Demandforce). Note that Demandforce only allows 3 or 4 computers to be authorized so if you have already used it on 4 computers we might not be able to get in this way.

    If you share your login details with us Demandforce will verify our computer by sending an email to you and you will need to approve it. This approval is time limited so EyeCarePro should log in with you while we are on the phone together. 

    What will the Demandforce Appointment Booking page look like on my website?

    This is what the online scheduler will look like on your website:

    How can I contact Demandforce to set up an account with them?

    Contact them at 1-800-246-9853 or visit their website:

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