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    What is 4PatientCare?

    4PatientCare is an Online Appointment Scheduler with real time scheduling.

    What does 4PatientCare offer?

    4PatientCare offers appointment recalls, reminders and pick-up notifications. Each communication will give the patient the opportunity to either confirm, schedule or re-schedule an appointment based on your real time availability. It has surveys designed to generate positive Google, Yahoo and Facebook reviews.

    Does 4PatientCare offer real time scheduling?

    Yes, it schedules appointments based on your real time schedule.

    Will 4PatientCarework with my practice management system?

    Yes, 4PatientCare runs seamlessly with your practice management system. To add 4PatientCare, you do not have to change anything you are doing right now. There is no new software to purchase; no special expertise needed; implementation is quick and easy.

    What do I need to provide to EyeCarePro in order to add 4PatientCare to my website?

    If you have a 4PatientCare account already, please email Support ( the link you were given when you set up your account. Please send it in a saved Word document to prevent the code from being compromised during transmission. 

    What does the online scheduler look like?

    How do I contact 4PatientCare to set up an account?

    Contact them at 562-861-1800 or visit their website at

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