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    What is WebSystem3?

    WebSystem3 is a patient communication system.

    What does WebSystem3 offer?

    WebSystem3 offers:

    • Online Appointment Requests (patients have up to three request times and the option to choose which doctor they want to see)
    • Appointment Reminders & Recalls
    • Thank-you & No Show letters
    • Surveys
    • Dispensing notices
    • Newsletters
    • Refer-a-Friend

    Does it work in “Real Time”? 

    No. WebSystem3 does not sync directly with your calendar therefore it does not work in “real time”.

    What do I need to provide to EyeCarePro in order to add WebSystem3 to my website?

    Please email Support ( your direct WebSystem3 link in a saved Word document to prevent the code from being compromised during transmission. 

    What will the WebSystem3 Appointment Booking page look like on my website? 

    How do I contact WebSystem3 to set up an account?

    Contact them at 916-934-5555, or visit their website:

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