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    What are some tips for taking great photos?

    • Get Permission. Always obtain permission from patients if you would like to use their photo on your website. Read the sidebar above for more on this.
    • Remember the Basics. Ensure photos are crisp and in focus. Blurry or pixelated shots should not be used.
    • Avoid clutter! Check the surfaces, walls and floors of the area you are shooting and remove whatever you can.
    • Get Close. Close up on an interesting area, piece of equipment or product for a more focused and interesting end result. Backgrounds are rarely interesting.
    • Smile. Make sure that subjects in the photos are smiling and appear happy and relaxed.
    • Pose. When arranging groups of people or "people in action" have them sit or stand very close to each other - so close it is uncomfortable. Surprisingly this will result in a natural looking photo composition.
    • Check the Lighting. Whenever possible natural light is best. Avoid using a flash if possible by shooting in a bright room, on a sunny day or positioning subjects near a window.
    • Create a Strong Composition. When shooting people check the background carefully. Be sure there is no visual clutter behind their head or face. Don't cut off the tops of heads or the bottoms of legs. Don't include "parts" of other people in the sides of the shot.
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