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    Can I use my own photos on my website?

    Photos of your Practice can be taken by a professional photographer or someone "in house". Professional photos are a great option if you can afford it and have time to set it up. If that is not in your budget, look for someone in your Practice (or someone you know) that is a hobby photographer and is handy with a digital camera. 

    Advantages of Using Your Own Photos:

    • Photos of your Practice help familiarize patients and prospective patients with your premises and staff.
    • Practice photos lend a friendly, "homey" feel to the site.
    • Photos of your Practice can allow you to showcase something patients would be particularly interested in (a themed exam room, a huge optical boutique, a relaxing waiting area etc.).
    • If you are going the "DIY" route your costs will likely be zero (although your time and effort are a factor here).

    Disadvantages of Using Your Own Photos:

    • "DIY" photos are often of sub-standard quality and are hard to "stage" and set up to get really effective beautiful shots.
    • Practices often find it difficult to set aside the time to get photos taken. This can result in a delayed site launch.
    • If the photos include patients you must obtain their consent to use the images. 
    • If you are using a professional photographer your costs will likely be higher than stock images.
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