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    How do I determine the status of my Domain Name?

    In order to work with your existing domain name, you must first learn it's current status. This information affects your control over your domain name. Go to and enter your domain name in the Whois Lookup field and click Search:

    From the resulting screen you should be able to find the information you need to determine:

    1. Registrar - what company the domain name is registered at.
    2. Registrant - who originally set up the domain name at the Registrar.
    3. Administrative Contact - who is listed as the administrative contact for the domain.
    4. Name Server(s) - where the domain name is currently "pointing"

    The following example is for the domain: "". Each of the items in the list above is numbered on the screen. Some items are repeated in the Whois record screen:

    To further confirm the Registrar (4) and to determine when the domain name will Expire (5), click on the "Registration" tab. The resulting screen looks like this:

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