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    What kind of images should I put in my Home Page slideshow?

    Subject matter... Matters! There are many approaches you can take to make the home page focal area engaging and effective. Be creative - use the photos you have or create a budget to build something new. Most importantly try to use this area to support your Practice's goals. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Profile your Practice Show the exterior, the interior, product, doctors & staff in action and so on (remember to get permission if you are Using Patient Photos).
    • Help Visitors see "Themselves". Show a series of happy faces with and without eyewear on representing your demographics (age, gender, ethnicity). This works when there is a variety of people shown who are making eye contact with the visitor. In addition, these kind of images project a warm, welcoming and friendly overall tone for the site.
    • Focus on a Message. Choose images with captions that reflect a message you wish to communicate to your visitors (a mission statement, a famous quotation, a great tag line).
    • Capitalize on Natural Beauty. Show gorgeous outdoor images from the region your Practice is located in and that your patients are familiar with and love. For example, use a slide show of shots taken in and around the area in which you Practice - say beautiful Lake Louise, British Columbia or spectacular Colorado Springs. This works because patients are passionate about nature and the outdoors and this theme will resonate with them.
    • Have Some Fun. Choose silly photos of people / pets wearing glasses or shades, show close ups of different eyes or pick images of people in silly situations.
    • Showcase Product. Show off the designer sun and eyewear with shots from your vendors (these tend to be free for the asking and very high end). 
    • Highlight Problems Patients Recognize. Pinpoint "problems" visitors might have (such as red or sore eyes or the need for reading glasses) and link a related photo in the slide show to a page in your site. 
    • Draw People In. Create a series of mini "ads" to educate visitors about your Practice and the services you offer. Link each slide to key pages within the site that detail these specialty areas. For example, create a slide show of stock images combined with "ad-like" copy. This can work when each slide highlights a product or service the Practice offers.
    • Skip the Slides and use a Video. Why not use a video instead of a slide show? It can be a collection of slides in fast-motion set to music interspersed with key words, a television ad you've had produced, a clip from a news show your Practice or Doctor was profiled on, or a simple video of the Doctor welcoming patients to the Practice. If you Practice already owns a video such as a TV ad or YouTube clip this can be an effective focal point. This works if the item(s) are short and engaging. Also, if the Practice invested a lot in the production of the videos is a good way to stretch those dollars.
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