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    What is Google Analytics tracking?

    It seems there is no limit to the number of tracking segmentation a user can set up in an Analytics account. Here is an overview of the standard reports available:

    1. The Real Time Report: Provides data about visitors’ activity on your website only seconds after it actually occurred. You can see:
      • Number of visitors on your website 
      • Visitors’ geographic location
      • The traffic sources that referred them to your website
      • Goal conversions that have just occurred
    2. The Audience Report: Provides an overview of the number of visitors that have visited your website, how long they spent and the percentage of new vs. returning visitors. Gain the following insights through this report:
      • Demographics: Age and gender of your site’s viewers.
      • Interest: Visitors’ areas of interest.
      • Behavior: New and returning visitors, frequency of visits.
      • Technology: Browsers, operating system and network used by viewers.
      • Mobile: Desktop, tablets and mobile devices used by viewers.
      • Visitor Flow: How visitors move through your site.
    3. The Acquisition Report: This report provides data about the “Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion” cycle; learn which sources (organic search, referral sites, online campaigns and email campaigns) drive most traffic to your website and which of these sources lead visitors to completing a goal on your website ( i.e. acquisition, newsletter subscription, etc.)
    4. The Behavior Report: Discover which website pages were viewed more often by visitors, how long visitors spent on every page and the bounce rate percentage for each page. (Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors the view only one page on the site before exiting the site). Google Analytics compares the page metrics against your site’s average.
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